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Tell me about the game!

During Algebra Challenges, you play a game called Riddle Books. Riddle Books is a game to help you learn how to solve story problems. At first you work with pictures, but when you get better (and you will), you end up solving problems with numbers. See for yourself how fun Riddle Books is, click here or the image below!

The fun part of an Algebra Challenge is competing with other classrooms at your school, through the state, or even an entire country! We use leaderboards and other fun tools to tell your teacher how your group is doing as you play. Join our newest challenge now!

If you can read it, you can solve it!

Story problems are fun? Really?

You bet they are! We've figured out how to do it, with input from lots of students like you visiting our computer labs and testing things out.

* Our story problems come in all flavors like science fiction, magic, and animals to name just a few. Find your favorites!
* Getting stuck on a problem? It's no problem. We have plenty of customized hints ready to help you get back on track.
* You're not just completing story problems, you're getting the tools you need to solve any story problem in your path going forward.
* You know how some games get too easy as you figure them out? Riddle Books is designed to grow with your skill and "level up" with you. This keeps you learning - but more importantly, keeps you having fun.

Here’s what students like you from Minneapolis told us about being part of an Algebra Challenge

I like it. It’s really fun. It’s frustrating but it made me think. - L.

Better than actual math, word. - J.

Can we do it again? - R.

Do you want to do an Algebra Challenge?

* Show your parent or guardian this site!
* Ask your teacher about the Algebra Challenge - and show them this website if they don't know about it!
* Tell your friends! The more people that show interest in Algebra Challenge in an area, the faster we can bring one there!